10 romantic restaurants in Kharkov

Kharkov is a wonderful and romantic city. You can feel love in its air. If you come to this city at first, you will feel the wish to fall in love immediately. There are so many romantic places and a lot of variants how to spend together time with your best half. If you want to have a quiet date in the pleasant place, there are 10 excellent restaurants in Kharkov.

10 romantic restaurants in Kharkov

  • Nicas is the perfect place for spending the evening with your second half. Atmosphere of this restaurant is filled with the tender feelings. Nicas can be your love from the first sight. Here you can try delicious food from every corner of the world or just eat eggs and porridge for breakfast from 7 am. Even a real sommelier will be satisfied with the wine list of this restaurant. In this beautiful place you can hide from the city vanity.
  • Chekhov is a restaurant in Kharkov where you can see the charm of the noble mansions of XIX century. It’s a perfect place for the date with your soul mate because of its relaxing atmosphere. Here you can eat either classical European dishes or the modern trends of the world cuisine. Chekhov restaurant is a great combination of the beautiful interior, wonderful atmosphere and delicious food.

Картинки по запросу чехов ресторан

  • Nasha Dacha is one of the most famous countryside restaurants in Kharkov. It is a fantastic place surrounded by the little forest where you can escape from the noisy city. You can have a great rest near the swimming pool in hot summer weather. Here you can not only eat the delicious food but feel the warm atmosphere of home. While visiting this place don’t forget to try their desserts. They are fantastic!

Картинки по запросу наша дача

  • Panorama is a place where you can satisfy yourself with the unique cuisine. The calling card of this restaurant is an unforgettable view of the heart of the city. Panorama has some special gloss and chic, so if you want to impress your second half, it will be the perfect choice for it. You can spend here a wonderful romantic evening with the relaxing live music.
  • Chateau is a French restaurant in Kharkov. Here you will always find the fresh oysters, cheese and delicious desserts. The wine list includes a wide variety of wines from every corner of the world. If you want to spend the evening with your soul mate alone, there is the private room only for two of you. In this restaurant you will feel the real atmosphere of old Europe.
  • Pushka is a restaurant in the province style. It combines simplicity and chic. It’s hard to describe the summer terrace of this place. Here you can feel the atmosphere of some old European square. Attentive waiters will do everything to make your evening special. If you ask beforehand, they will decorate your table with candles and rose petals.
  • Familia is the only restaurant in Kharkov with its own garden. It suggests you to have a rest from the noisy city in a quiet and cozy place. Here you can try delicious dishes of European cuisine. The warm atmosphere will charm you from the first minute. Its elegance and delicate taste is incredible.
  • Il Tartufo will help you to find yourself in Italy. It’s like an Italian gastronomic island just in the center of Kharkov. It’s a small restaurant where you will feel yourself like at home. You can’t resist the delicious Italian dishes and exquisite wine. If you want to have a romantic Italian date with your second half, it will be the perfect place for you.

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  • Sloboda is the restaurant in Kharkov for the lovers of Ukrainian culture. Here you can try a real Ukrainian cuisine and feel the atmosphere of national hospitality and kindness. National style of the interior make you feel that you’re visiting your relatives somewhere in a distant Ukrainian village.
  • Paris is a place for the dessert persons. They have their own bakery shop with a great variety of cakes. A fancy French style will win your heart. This restaurant can be your small Paris in Kharkov. And Paris is the best place for love and romantic dates.

There are a lot of various restaurants in Kharkov. Just choose the perfect one for you and your second half!