5 reasons to visit Odessa

Odessa has reputation of the Pearl of the Black Sea, which attracts tourists from over the world. It is really a very bright city with its unique charm. Nowadays it is the most popular seaside resort in Ukraine. Here are top 5 reasons to visit Odessa:

Reason to visit Odessa number 1

The Black Sea. This is perhaps the most obvious reason. It is largely due to it a small town turned into flourishing city and the biggest port first in Russian Empire and then in Ukraine. Odessa is a perfect place for vacation, its numerous beaches are stretching along the coast far beyond of the city borders. The beaches are sandy, well-equipped and have highly developed infrastructure. Must visit place of Odessa is Arcadia, which is one of the main city attractions. It is a glamorous beach with many good restaurants and clubs just in its territory. And if you are a party person, the night life of Arcadia will blow you out.

Reason to visit Odessa number 2

Food. The citizens of Odessa are the real gluttons. Eating cult is very developed here. Of course, most part of dishes contains seafood. But they are diverse and unbelievable! Odessa has a wide range of its local food, which you can’t try anywhere except this magnificent city. Eggplant caviar, forschmack, the Black Sea flounders, tulka cakes, sprats in Odessa style, pilaf with fried mussels will remain in your memory forever! There are a lot of restaurants and cafés where you can try the tastiest local food cooked by the traditional recipes. And who knows, maybe the chefs have got them from their own grandmas. Besides, in summertime you will be satisfied with an abundance of the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Reason to visit Odessa number 3

In spite of the fact that Odessa is a quite young city (it is a little more than 300 years) its central part with all streets, districts and buildings represents an outstanding architectural idea in classicism and baroque styles. Beautiful bridges continue a romantic image of the city and add interesting details to its scenery. There are 7 famous bridges in Odessa and each of them has own interesting story. Architectural heritage of this city is so big that it will be difficult to choose either to lie on the beach or to have sightseeing tours. Nevertheless, you’ll get a pleasure of any decision. Odessa is multifaceted and it will be ideal for everyone.

Reason to visit Odessa number 4

Theatres. If you want to plunge yourself into cultural life, Odessa will be an excellent place to do it. There are 8 theatres in the city. Besides, there is the circus, philharmonic and movie studio, which is an official forge of Soviet movies. “Theatre on Chainaya” is the most unusual one. It is an underground place and you can hardly find such performances on the big stage. After performances you will be treated by a cup of tea and have an opportunity to talk to the actors. So atmosphere of this theatre is very friendly and soulful.

Reason to visit Odessa number 5

Local people and brides. Ukrainian ladies have the glory of the most beautiful ones and it is the truth without any doubts. Ukrainian ladies, and in particular ladies from Odessa, are friendly, open-minded and easy-going, so it isn’t usually difficult to introduce yourself to them. But of course, you should have all these qualities too or you will be doomed to failure. The whole city is soaked with humor and friendliness, so to become a real friend of Odessa you should respond with reciprocity.

Welcome to Ukraine and find your own reasons to visit Odessa!