Art trip to Kharkov. What places to visit?

If you are a real lover of beautiful things and creativity, you should have an amazing art trip in Kharkov. This city is also named as the cultural capital of Ukraine. It has a lot of suggestions of time spending for art persons. Professional artists or simple fans of art – everyone will be satisfied with numerous galleries and exhibitions of Kharkov.

During your art trip in Kharkov you should visit the following places:

  • The first must visited place is Art Museum. It is the biggest and the oldest art place of Kharkov. It was founded in 1905 and is situated in the historical building in the city center. In 25 halls of the museum you can find permanent and temporary exhibitions. Or you can have the excursion devoted to Ukrainian and Russian art of XVI-XX centuries. Kharkov Art Museum has one of the richest collections of paintings in Ukraine.

Art Kharkiv

Location: Zhjon Mironosits Street, 11.

  • If you are a fan of modern art, it will be better to start your art trip from “AC” Art Consulting Group. It is a quite new gallery of modern art, it was founded in 2008. Besides, it is one of the first private galleries in Kharkov. The gallery presents the works of famous Kharkov artists, leading masters of modern Ukrainian art, participants of prestigious domestic and foreign exhibitions. Main directions of art in “AC” are neoimpressionism, expressionism and post-modernism. Except exhibitions there is a great educational program with different lectures, master classes, “round tables” and discussions.

art gallery

Location: Chernyshevskogo Street, 13.

  • The next interesting place for art trip in Kharkov is Kharkov Municipal Gallery. It was opened in 1996 and later it has become the first gallery with municipal status in Ukraine. Main direction of the gallery is the work with modern Ukrainian artists, it is like a modern platform for creative and cultural artists, curators and active participants of Kharkov art movement. Now Kharkov Municipal Gallery is the popular center of modern art, main goal of which is the promotion of modern visual art, mainly artworks of artists from Kharkov and Ukraine.

art gallery

Location: Chernyshevskogo Street, 15

  • During art trip in Kharkov you can not only watch at masterpieces, but buy some of them for your collection. For example, you can do it in Palladium Gallery. It has a wide range of artworks of famous authors and also gives the opportunity to young artists to show themselves and to realize their potential. The exhibition hall of Palladium Gallery has some special and amazing atmosphere, it gives you the sensation of lightness and beauty. One of the gallery’s goal is to give ordinal people the opportunity to involve themselves into spiritual, chic and refined art world.

art gallery

Location: Kostjurinskiy Lane, 2.

  • Your art trip in Kharkov won’t be completed without visiting AVEC Gallery. This biggest non-state art space of Eastern Europe was founded in 2000. The main goals of the gallery are introducing art works of different times and nations, bringing up the youth in tolerance and patriotism, supporting artists and masters. The gallery was visited by more than 3 million people and around 200 exhibitions took place there during its existence. The reasons for gallery’s success are the excellent space made on high European standards, perfect promotion and chic audience. AVEC gallery has become the favorite place for esthetic and intellectual rest of Kharkov’s citizens and its quests. The gallery is opened every day and the entrance is free.

art gallery

Location: Sumskaya Street, 70.

Welcome to Ukraine and enjoy your wonderful art trip in Ukraine!