Best places to visit in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the biggest European countries. Every Ukrainian city has its own charm and some unique places which you should visit at least once. The country is developing from year to year and becomes more and more attractive to the tourists.

If you decide to visit Ukraine, you should know about these best and interesting places:

  • Sofiyivka National Park is an amazing dendrological park located in Uman, the city of Cherkassy region. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the most beautiful and biggest parks of the country. The park is quite old, it was founded in 1796 and it still attracts around a half of million tourists every year. There is even a small planet which is named in honor of Sofiyivka National Park.
  • To visit Ukraine and not to go to the Ukrainian Carpathians will be a big mistake. The mountains are incredibly picturesque in every season. This place has very rich flora and fauna and there are many natural mineral sources. Slopes of the Carpathian Mountains are covered with pines, cliffs and rivers, which create an unbelievable landmark. There is snow on the mountains five months out of the year, so it is excellent place to have an active winter rest.

Картинки по запросу карпаты

  • Lvov’s Old town has absolutely special and unique atmosphere of the ancient times. It is the historical center of the city, where you can find numerous architectural masterpieces, ancient churches and cozy streets. So if you want to visit Ukraine and to know more about its history, you shouldn’t miss this place.
  • Lake Synevyr is the biggest and most beautiful lake of Ukraine. It is located in the Ukrainian Carpathians at an altitude of 989 meters. It is surrounded by fur-trees on all sides. Synevyr is the lake of immense beauty with unrealistically clear and blue water. There are several observation decks at the lake, from which you can fully enjoy the indescribable views.

Картинки по запросу Lake Synevyr

  • Visiting Ukraine don’t forget about such interesting place as Khortitsia Island. This big island is located at the Dnieper river in Zaporizhya. This special place is called “the Island of Freedom” or “lullaby of the Ukrainian Cossacks” among the people, because it was a homeland of Zaporizhian Sich. The island nature is wonderful, it is surrounded by river and cliffs and covered with flowers and forests. On Khortitsia you can feel the spirit of real freedom and confidence.
  • Askania-Nova is one of the biggest and oldest biosphere reserves in Europe, which is located in a remote part of Kherson region. It was founded in 1828 and its general square is 33 thousand hectares. There are more than 500 kinds of plants in the reserve and more than 3000 kinds of different animals live there. So if you decide to visit Ukraine in spring or summer when everything is blooming, you shouldn’t forget to enjoy the nature of Askania-Nova in its purest form.
  • Radomysl Castle is a private historical and cultural complex. It was created in 2007-2011, so it is quite young. The castle is located in Zhytomyr region. The special feature of this complex is the Museum of home icons, which is the only one in Europe. Also the complex has its own unique production line for the paper of an ancient technology, concert and ceremonial halls. Radomysl Castle is a great reconstruction of Ukrainian life, where you can find many interesting expositions and see bright performances.

You are more than welcome to visit Ukraine and see its incredible beauty with your own eyes!