Best restaurants in Poltava

Poltava is a unique Ukrainian city which combines the history and modernity. It is expressed in everything – architecture, city life and, of course, cuisine. That’s why there is a wide range of restaurants with absolutely different style.

Among the best restaurants in Poltava are:

  • Lileya is a big restaurant with four halls in absolutely different styles. It is located in the historical heart of the city, so you can satisfy yourself with the picturesque views from windows or spacy open terrace. It is the perfect place both for relaxing dinner and exciting holidays.

Location: Sobornaya Square, 2

Working hours: 12 pm – 11 pm (every day)

  • Shade meat and wine is the restaurant in Poltava located in the city center and specialized in American, French and Italian cuisine. The main emphasis is on grill menu and dishes with seafood. The signature treats are steaks and pork medallions in mushroom sauce. The restaurant’s pride is a wide wine list with exquisite European wines.

Location: Sobornosti Street, 53

Working hours: 11 am – 11 pm (every day)

  • Palazzo is located in the best hotel of Poltava. The restaurant has a cosy and respectable interior in European style, relaxing music and a great menu, which includes dishes of European and Asian cuisine. In this place you will get the impeccable service and enjoy the warm atmosphere.

Location: Gogolya Street, 33

Working hours: 7 am – 11 pm (Mon – Fri)

                             7.30 am – 11 pm (Sat – Sun)

  • Concrete Bar is the restaurant in loft style with light background music and European cuisine. There you will find the delicious food, relaxing atmosphere and attentive staff. It is the modern place where you can both spend a nice evening with your best half or friends and have a business meeting.

Location: Zhovtneva Street, 48

Working hours: 11 am – 11 pm (every day)

  • Tau is the best Asian restaurant in Poltava. It is a real world of gastronomic pleasure and soulful rest. The place has a unique menu which you can’t find anywhere else, because it is the author’s symbiosis between Asian and European cuisine made by brand chef of the restaurant.

Location: Sobornosti Street, 44

Working hours: 10 am – 11 pm (every day)

  • Dikanka is the restaurant with absolutely Ukrainian soul. Every tourist should visit this place to know more about Ukrainian culture and, of course, to try a real traditional cuisine. In this place you can totally feel slow, quiet and soulful atmosphere of the national village. The staff of Dikanka will show you what the Ukrainian hospitality means.

Location: Mihaila Grushevskogo Street, 2B

Working hours: 11 am – 12 am (every day)

  • Meat Wood is the modern restaurant in Poltava, which was opened only several years ago. It is the place of high-quality cuisine and pleasant atmosphere. Menu mostly includes American cuisine. The meals are always prepared only with natural and fresh products. The main trick of the restaurant are eco burgers and board games, which you can take and play.

Location: Gogolya Street, 22

Working hours: 11 am – 11 pm (every day)

Welcome to Ukraine and enjoy one of these restaurants in Poltava!