Discovering the Lovers monument in Kharkov

Love is the most amazing feeling in the world. There are numerous of poems, sings and art masterpieces devoted to it. Every famous person can’t avoid the theme of love in their works. Every city has its own symbol of love and there is the Lovers monument in Kharkov too.

Lovers monument in Kharkov is quite new, it was opened in 2002. The idea of monument’s creation belongs to the ex-governor of the city and the students of architectural university. There was a contest of the best ideas about the Lovers monument’s construction. The student Dmitry Ivanov has won and the monument was constructed according to his plan. Unusual sculpture shows two figures, a boy and a girl, who are leaning to each other and joining with a kiss. The monument has the shape of arch.

Unfortunately, after several years there were different signs and paintings on the Lovers monument in Kharkov. That’s why in 2009 the monument was colored in a new gold color and was surrounded by the fountain to save the monument from vandals. So now you can see the figures of the loving couple only through the water. But after this modification the monument becomes even more beautiful.

Картинки по запросу памятник влюбленным харьков

The Lovers monument in Kharkov is located in a cozy square in Pushkinskaya Street. During the reconstruction in 2009 not only the monument has got a new face, but the square was transformed too. The new city’s sightseeing “7 wonders of Kharkov” has appeared there. There are 7 small copies made of white marble of such Kharkov’s famous places as Mirror Stream, the monument to Taras Shevchenko, Pokrovsky Sobor (Intercession Cathedral of Kharkov Intercession cloister), Blagoveshchensky Sobor (Annunciation Cathedral), Uspensky Sobor (Assumption Cathedral), Gosprom (the House of national industry) and Apartment building with a spire. Another name of “7 wonders of Kharkov” is “Kharkov in miniature”. So in 2009 the Lovers monument in Kharkov has acquired beautiful white neighbors.

Of course like any romantic place in the world the Lovers monument in Kharkov has its beliefs and omens. For example, if the loving couple kisses near the monument, their love will be sincere, long-term and strong. The most spread tradition among just-married couples is to splash their lips with the water from fountain before kissing. They believe that it will bring eternal love to them.

Fun fact about the Lovers monument in Kharkov: the figures of a boy and a girl are so long and thin that it is sometimes called “Kama sutra from Auschwitz” among the people. Another interesting fact is that the monument is almost the copy of the monument “The Kissing Bridge” in Brighton, Great Britain.

The Lovers monument in Kharkov attracts not only residents of the city, but foreigners too. And it is not surprisingly as it is the most unusual architectural object not only in Kharkov. It is difficult to find something similar in whole Ukraine. This monument will always be popular among the loving couples from every continent, country, city and social class, because it symbolizes something special – love. And love is the feeling which unites people and which doesn’t need any language, it is multinational.

So if you travel to Kharkov, you should visit this magnificent place. The Lovers monument in Kharkov will help you to believe in miracle. You can kiss with your beloved lady or just look at the funny and thin boy and girl. If you are single now, the monument can help you too. Make a wish looking at it and your wish will definitely come true.

Kharkov welcomes you in its tender and loving arms!