Best bars in Kiev. Drinking guide

It is a great idea to drink some delicious cocktails in one of the best bars in Kiev during your visit of Ukraine. So where can you drink in Kiev?

Our article will help you to choose best drinking place:

  • Bar Pink Freud is an unbelievable location, it looks like small separate yard. It fells like you’re outside but in reality, you are still inside in a warm cozy place. The entrance of a bar is decorated by pictures and signs in Freud’s style. Another interesting thing is the fountain nearby, so if you want to drink in Kiev listening to the sound of water, you should definitely visit this place.

Location: Nizhniy Val Street, 19

Working hours: 6 pm – 1 am (Sun – Thu)

                             6 pm – 2 am (Fri – Sat)

  • Boutiquebar Biancoro is a highly cosmopolitan place, which is perfect for lunch or dinner, for business meetings or warm evenings with friends, for a cup of strong espresso or a glass of delicious champagne. In addition, it is a great choice for the traditional Italian aperitivo. There you can try unique cocktails by the most famous Ukrainian barman Irina Mashihina.

Location: Baseinaya Street, 4

Working hours: 10 am – 11 pm (every day)

  • To drink in Kiev in American style you can go in Dogs and Tails. The atmosphere fully represents the mood of 20s-30s with brick walls, columns, and high ceilings. The sense of modernity was brought by pictures and slot machines. Even the most precise person will be satisfied with a wide range of drinks in this bar.

Location: Shota Rustaveli Street, 19

Working hours: 12 pm – 1 am (Sun – Wed)

                             12 pm – 3 am (Thu – Sat)

  • Nikka Bar (N::B Cocktail) is the continuing of the international bar traditions of Nikka Whisky (Japan, Thailand, Europe). Bar combines not only drinks based on whisky Nikka and author’s cocktails, but also love to Japanese bar equipment and Eastern combat arts. N:B Cocktail is the luxury place where you can drink in Kiev with Japanese atmosphere.

Location: Mikhailovskaya Street, 13

Working hours: 11 am – 2 am (Mon – Thu)

                             11 am – 5 am (Fri)

                             12 am – 5 am (Sat)

                             12 am – 2 am (Sun)

  • The Bar is a great opportunity to find new friends. There aren’t any tables, so they don’t suggest food, only drinks. The main idea of the place is a real communication, so you can move around bar and communicate with other people – barmen or your neighbors by seats. If you want to drink some special cocktail by own recipe, they will be glad to make it for you.

Location: Vasilkovskaya Street, 5

Working hours: 6 pm – 6 am (every day)

  • If you want not only to drink in Kiev, but may be meet some famous and creative persons, you should visit Mozgi Bar. It is considered to be the best bar of the capital and was opened by famous Ukrainian singer and producer. Three main components of this place are drinks, music and cuisine and they are perfect. Of course, the interior in steampunk style will fascinate you from the first minutes.

Location: Baseinaya Street, 2a

Working hours: 10 am – 4 am (Mon – Sat)

                             10 am – 12 am (Sun)

  • CHI is the restaurant, party place and stylish bar. It is a grand project of the famous restaurant chain “Carte Blanche” with unbelievable location and interior design. At night, the quiet place turns into party place, where you can have a great time with the delicious drink from wide cocktail list.

Location: Parkovaya Doroga, 16

Working hours: 1 pm – 4 am (Mon-Thu)

                             1 pm – 6 am (Fri)

                             2 pm – 7 am (Sat)

                             2 pm – 6 am (Sun)

Welcome to Ukraine and visit one of these fantastic bars to have a drink in Kiev!