The 10 best things to do in Kiev

Kiev tour is becoming more popular from year to year. The city is developing and growing almost every day. So the number of tourists is raising too. If you decide to be one of them, you definitely won’t be boring, because Kiev has a lot of opportunities to have a great time.

Here are the 10 best things to do in Kiev:

1. Walk along Obolonskaya Promenade.

Obolon is a district of Kiev which is popularly known as “Kiev’s Brooklyn” and Obolonskaya Promenade has become one of the most popular places in Kiev tour because of its beauty and romance. It is a real pearl of the district and its symbol of luxury life. Promenade is the picturesque and well-groomed area along the river Dnieper.

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2. Visit Kiev Water Museum, which is situated in a green park just in the heart of city.

There you can learn the information about the Earth’s hydrosphere, water recourses of Ukraine and the history of water supply in Kiev. But the main trick is Bubble Show, where not only kids but even adults can appear in the big bubble.

3. Know new facts about ordinal things in Experimentanium.

There you will have a lot of experiments and fun. You will see plasma orbs, endless corridor, laser and mirror mazes, optical illusions, 3-D printer, Leap Motion and many other interesting things. You hardly can find such museum somewhere else except Kiev tour.

4. To feel yourself a real knight in Kiev Rus Park.

It is situated in the important historical place not far away from the city. There you will appear in a real fortress of V-XIII centuries and have the opportunity to try archery and catapults, to fight with sword and to do other knight’s activities.

5. To enjoy the modern art in Pinchuk Art Center.

It is an opened platform for the talented artists of nowadays. Such artworks as pictures, installations and sculptures are represented there. And you can see them absolutely for free.

6. Open the secrets of primal life in Kiev Zoo Museum.

It is a good opportunity in Kiev tour to see the skeletons of ancient birds and animals. Also there you will see 5000 exhibits from the single-celled organisms to the wild animals.

7. Try Ukrainian cuisine in Pervak.

It is a traditional Ukrainian restaurant in the center of Kiev. There you can not only eat incredibly delicious Ukrainian food but know about the main traditions of the country.

8. See the unbelievably small things in Kiev Museum of Microminiatures.

It is located in the territory of famous Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The size of sculptures ranges from a millimeter to few millimeters, so you can explore them only by means of microscope. These pieces of art were made by a great master Nikolay Syadristyj, who is famous around the whole world.

9. Enjoy the fresh air in Mariinsky Park.

It’s difficult to imagine Kiev tour without this beautiful place. It is the oldest park of the city, which is situated near one of the main attractions in Kiev – Mariinsky Palace, where the important government events usually take place.

10. Visit Museum of the Great Patriotic War, it is one of the biggest museum in Ukraine.

It reminds about the history of the German-Soviet War. It contains 300,000 exhibits including the real military equipment. There you can even find the hall with real letters and photos from the front.

Welcome to Ukraine and have an interesting and diversified Kiev tour!