The Carpathian Mountains: hiking adventure

If you like an active and unusual rest instead of beach type of a vacation,then it is an excellent idea to have hiking adventure in the Ukrainian Carpathian. Its routes are so varied that it will be quite difficult to make a choice. However, everyone can find the most suitable  one according to personal demands.

The Ukrainian Carpathians are very hikeable mountains, that’s why they are exceedingly popular among tourists. Although they considered to be the wildest mountains of Europe, they have gentle relief and there are minority of inaccessible peaks. You can follow the route either by yourself or with the professional guide.

Here is the list of the most popular hiking routes in the Ukrainian Carpathians:

  • The most well-known mountain of Ukraine is Hoverla, which is the highest point of The Ukrainian Carpathians. Numerous active tourists visit this place every day. It isn’t easy to conquer this peak, but its magnificent views definitely worth it.

Картинки по запросу Hoverla,

Height: 2061 meters

Best route: Lazeschina village (Zakarpattia region) – Kozmeschik natural border – Gropa polonina (pasture) – Hoverla mountain.

  • On the south-east end of main ridge of Chornogora mountain range another high peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians is situated. The mountain’s name is Pop Ivan Chernogorskiy.

Height: 2022 meters

Best route: Dzembronya village (Ivano-Frankovsk region) – Shibene checkpoint – Maricheika lake – Pop Ivan Chernogorskiy mountain.

  • Petros Mountain is a bit lower than Hoverla and Pop Ivan Chernogorskiy, but it is much more difficult for hiking because it is very steep Mountain to climb. Therefore, if you are not an experienced climber, it will be better to choose another route.

Height: 2020 meters

Best route: Lazeschina village (Zakarpattia region) – Kozmeschik natural border – Kiyanets stream – Petros mountain

  • Another pearl of the Ukrainian Carpathians is Pop Ivan Marmarosskiy It is located just on the border of Ukraine and Romania, so it is better to have the passport with you for hiking there.

Height: 1936 meters

Best route: Delovoe village (Zakarpattia region) – Belyj Potok – Lysya polonina (pasture) – Pop Ivan Marmarosskiy mountain.

  • Bliznitsa and Bolshaya (Big) Bliznitsa are situated on the eastern part of Svidovets mountain range. The route is very picturesque and passes through Dragobrat mountain valley of the Ukrainian Carpathians. If you choose this route, you will also see wonderful mountain lakes. However, the water in them is terribly cold even in the hottest summer, so only the bravest people can swim.

Height: 1883 meters

Best route: Yasinya town (Zakarpattia region) – Svidovets village – Bukovina natural border – Dragobrat polonina (pasture) – Bolshaya (Big) Bliznitsa mountain – Bliznitsa mountain

  • Neistovoe Lake is the highest located one in Ukraine. It has an unbelievable beauty and is surrounded by rocky mountains. There is a legend that if you throw a rock into lake, the weather will change immediately. No one knows if it is true, but the weather is very changeable there.

Height: 1750 metres

Best route: Vorokhta town (Ivano-Frankovsk region) – Zaroslyak natural border – Neistovoe lake

  • The highest point of Borzhava mountain range is Gemba There are very spectacular landscapes in every season. However, hiking in Borzhava in winter is dangerous because of frequent snow avalanches. At the foot of Gemba Mountain you can see the most famous Ukrainian waterfall – Shipot.

Height: 1491 metres

Best route: Podobovets village (Zakarpattia region) – Shipot waterfall – Gemba mountain

Welcome to Ukraine and have an exciting hiking adventure in the Ukrainian Carpathians!