Top 10 things to do in Kharkov in spring

There are a lot of things to do in Kharkov in every season. It has many opportunities for relaxing or active rest. The city is wonderful in the spring, it’s the time of new life and inspiration. In this article you will find the top 10 things to do in Kharkov in spring.

  • Visit Ecopark. Ecopark is one of the most picturesque places not far away from Kharkov. It is a real island of wild nature near the metropolis. It is the place where you can not only explore the animals but feed and touch a most part of them.

Feldman Ecopark (Фельдман Экопарк), парк, зоопарк в Харькове ...

  • Drive a cableway. It is one of the main things which you should do in Kharkov when it becomes warm. It is the oldest ride in Gorky Park, but it had the reconstruction several years ago. The general length of the cableway is 1385 meters, height is from 8 to 26 meters and the duration of the movement to one side is 18 minutes.

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  • Visit the restaurant with a panoramic view. The most popular of them are Panorama and Sky Lounge. You will be satisfied with delicious food, perfect service and an unbelievable picturesque view of the city center. Besides, in the evenings you can enjoy living music.

Sky Lounge - панорамный ресторан-бар в Харькове, отель Харьков Палас


  • To explore the city’s fountains. It is an interesting thing to do in Kharkov because it is famous for its big number of beautiful fountains. The most incredible among them are Mirror Stream, Lovers Monument, the fountain in Shevchenko Park and near the Theatre of Opera and Ballet.
  • Have a walk in Strelka Square. It is the popular promenade at the confluence of two rivers Lopan and Kharkov. It is a green place with a lot of flowers. Also there you can walk along Strelka Bridge, which is the most fabulous at night with its hundreds of lights.
  • To appear in Paris and see the Eiffel Tower. Kharkov has its own little France which is located in the big shopping mall “French boulevard”. There you can look at a small copy of the main symbol of Paris and enjoy the magnificent view of the city.
  • Try the rides in Gorky Park. To visit Gorky Park is an obligatory thing to do in Kharkov. If you like to have fun, you will have many opportunities to do it in the most popular park in the city.
  • To bike in Lesopark. Lesopark is a forest park located almost in the city center. It is the biggest one in Ukraine, its square is near 2000 hectares. There you can rent a bike and have an indescribable walk in the fresh air.
  • Visit the open-air dolphinarium. It is the only place in Kharkov where you can see the sea creations so closely and at the beginning of May dolphinarium opens its roof and becomes even more beautiful. Watching the show of dolphins or swimming with them under the open sky will fill you with the amazing emotions.

It is a small part of things to do in Kharkov in spring because it is the period when the simple walking in a cozy green park to singing birds seems magic. Welcome to Ukraine!