Top 5 romantic places in Ukraine

There are a lot of romantic places in Ukraine. Every city has its own symbol of love. The most famous places for loving couples are so different, but all of them are incredible and have the special charm.

So if you travel around Ukraine with your best half, you should visit the next places:

  • The Tunnel of Love. It is a romantic tunnel with the rail tracks, which is situated not far away from the small city Klevan. It seems that the branches of trees and bushes were bound with each other and they made the natural arch with the right geometrical shape. You can feel some special energy here and two rail tracks look as though two destinies are walking side by side. According to the legend once upon a time Ukrainian Romeo and Juliet lived here, their great pure love was finished with the tragedy and the tunnel has appeared at the place of lady’s death. So it became the symbol of her undying love. And they say that if the loving couple visits this place, their love will last forever.

Картинки по запросу туннель любви

  • The Italian Yard is one of the oldest romantic places in Ukraine. It is situated in the most visited part of Lvov. This city is the magical piece of romance by its own. Its narrow old streets charm you from the first minutes. The Italian Yard is a unique architectural monument of the Renaissance, so it is a good choice for the fans of medieval time. This place looks like typical yards of Rome and Florence. Italian Yard is surrounded by white walls, balconies and columns. It was built with the romantic feelings of Poland king Jan Sobieski. The monarch loved to spend the time with his beloved woman here. And nowadays the loving couples spend time in the Italian Yard, admiring the pictures and flowerbeds, enjoying the aromatic coffee and each other.

Картинки по запросу итальянский дворик львов

  • The Island of Lovers is situated in the middle of Ternopol pond and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Ukraine. Legends say that the spirit who protects the loving couples lives on this island. They say that if the lovers look at the water surface for a long time, they will see their future on it. And it is not the only secret of the Island of Lovers! Not far away from it you can find a small square park with the Happiness Tree. It promises the luck to everyone who visits this area.
  • Roshen Fountain is situated in Vinnitsa. This fountain has the unbelievable beauty, it is the most luxury romantic place in Ukraine. There you can see the incredible music shows with the using of laser and light effects. A lot of propositions were made here during the years of the fountain’s existence. Besides, Roshen Fountain is one of the biggest floating fountains in Europe and the only multimedia fountain in Ukraine.
  • Valley of Daffodils is a unique natural phenomenon of Ukraine. It is situated near the Carpathian town Hust. You can see the unbelievable beauty of this place only once a year in May. Enormous amount of daffodils begins to bloom and it looks like a chic carpet of flowers. Such romantic place in Ukraine has a really romantic legend. Many years ago the poor young potter presented a vase to the beautiful daughter of prince of Russ. The vase was decorated with gorgeous white daffodils. The potter and prince’s daughter fell in love with each other. The prince of Russ was furious, he threw the vase into the valley and forbade his daughter to see the potter again. The next day the whole valley was covered with the beautiful white flowers. The prince saw this miracle and allowed his daughter to marry the potter.

Картинки по запросу Valley of Daffodils

Ukraine is a magic country with the romantic fluids everywhere. Visit it once and you will always want to come back here!