Top 5 things to do in the Ukrainian Carpathians

The Ukrainian Carpathians reward their visitors with the unbelievable picture of natural landscapes, beauty of the coniferous woods, happiness and health. Every corner of the Ukrainian Carpathians is unique and unforgettable. If you visit this place once, you will always want to return there.

The huge mountain system starts in Bratislava, Slovakia and ends in the southeast of Romania. Total length of the Carpathian Mountains is around 1600 km that makes them the second-longest mountain range in Europe.

The height of the Ukrainian Carpathians is 1000 meters, on average. They are 3,5% of the country’s territory and occupied 4 regions of Ukraine – Chernovtsy, Ivano-Frankovsk, Zakarpattya and Lvov. The highest mountain Hoverla is 2061 meters and is located in Yablunitsa village.

The Ukrainian Carpathians are wonderful in every season of the year. In summer you can enjoy the ecological rest near one of the magnificent lakes, travel into the medieval times having an interesting excursion to the numerous old castles or just satisfy yourself with incredibly fresh air of mountains and wild nature. Winter in the Ukrainian Carpathians is the perfect time for an active rest. Skiing and skateboarding are the most popular kinds of winter activities and you can find a great number of different ski resorts in the Carpathian Mountains.

However, in this article we want to tell you about other unusual activities which you can do in the Ukrainian Carpathian:

  1. You can have an exciting traveling on the snowmobile escorted by the experienced and qualified instructors. This activity will give you a great drive and unbelievable emotions. During driving a snowmobile, you will enjoy the combination of speed and fantastic nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Bukovel suggests different routes and modern snowmobiles of Bombardier and Arctic Cat trademarks.Картинки по запросу "snowmobile""
  2. The strong and tough tourists can play the winter paintball. This entertainment will not only warm you in the frosty weather, but also give many positive and bright emotions. Paintball in the Ukrainian Carpathians is a team game which exciting process will help you to feel what the real competition means. Such activity will be a great opportunity to take your mind off routine and have the perfect active rest in the picturesque nature of mountains.
  3. You can have the unforgettable dog sledging at a distance from two to five kilometers. Siberian husky will carry you along the forest paths of ski resorts. Everyone who wishes can be a real musher and ride the sledge for some distance. Dog sledging will give you the opportunity not only to get the great emotions, but also to communicate with wonderful husky.Картинки по запросу "dog sledding""
  4. Snow tubing is very fun activity, which had appeared quite recently. It does not require any lessons, physical training or special skills, that is why even children can enjoy this exciting activity. Snow tubing has a number of advantages, compared with sledging, for example, it is not so traumatic because of its soft texture and has a pleasant touch. Snow tubing is an activity, which will give you bright emotions and makes your mood better.
  5. For the extreme lovers there is an interesting activity named zorbing. The most courageous tourists are put inside a huge clear orb and rolled down the snowy slope of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The activity can be scared a little, but it is absolutely safe. Zorbing is accompanied by jumping and tumbling, so it will give you the indescribable excitement and enormous adrenaline rush.

Welcome to Ukraine and fall in love with the unbelievable Ukrainian Carpathians!