Top destinations in southern Ukraine

If you decide to visit Ukraine in summer, its southern part will be the perfect destination for the trip. There are everything you need for a great vacation – the sea, sandy beaches, and a wide range of the places for staying and well-developed infrastructure. In this article you will find the best resorts of southern Ukraine by regions.

Odessa region

Zatoka is very popular among Ukrainians. It is a small town not far away from Odessa. The resort season normally starts in the middle of May and lasts until September. Tourists like Zatoka for the wide sandy beaches and numerous entertainments for kids and adults. Besides, it is considered to be the warmest place of Ukraine.

Arcadia is the most luxury resort of southern Ukraine. If you are looking for a quiet and calm family rest, you should definitely avoid this place. Arcadia will show you what a bright party life really looks like. You will be amazed by numerous night clubs, different entertainments and a variety of beach activities.

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Karolino Bugaz is located on the picturesque sandy spit. The resort is not very big, that’s why almost all places for accommodation are situated near the coastline. Karolino Bugaz is the perfect choice for a quiet rest at the seaside.

Sergeevka is a unique resort of southern Ukraine. The place is special because of the estuary with curative mud which divides the village into two parts. Sergeevka is mostly visited by ones who are looking for healthy vacation.

Kherson region

Skadovsk is one of the most well-known resorts of Kherson region. It is very green city with many parks, cafés, different resort zones and entertainments for any taste and budget. The rest in Skadovsk will be very useful for people with upper respiratory tract problems.

Zhelezny Port is considered to be the best resort for youth in southern Ukraine. It is located far away from all industrial areas, that’s why it is ecologically clean resort. There are many modern and well-equipped beaches, cafés and night clubs, so you can’t become bored there.

Lazurnoe is the pearl of Kherson region. “Lazurnoe” means “azure” in English and its name speaks for itself. This small village is developing from year to year and attracts more and more tourists by its beautiful nature and good infrastructure.

Nikolaev region

Koblevo is the most famous resort of Nikolaev region. Its pride is a big winery with the same name. Except excursions to the winery and wine-tasting, you can enjoy many other entertainments, such as theme park, aqua park, dolphinarium and different water activities.

Morskoe is one of the coziest and quietest places for the rest in southern Ukraine, because it isn’t very well-known and there aren’t a lot of tourists. Despite of that there are enough variants of accommodation. The main trick of Morskoe is the school of windsurfing which attracts active tourists. Also this resort becomes more crowded in the end of summer, because the popular festival of electronic music takes place there.

Chernomorka, or Chernomorskaya Spit is interesting by the full absence of industrial signs, neighborhood of the sea moisture and fresh water of estuary, abundance of accommodation for any taste and a big aqua park within walking distance.

Kinburnskaya Spit has the nature of incredible beauty. The whole resort is like a big natural park with more than 200 kinds of birds (many of them are included to Red Book), various animals, wonderful flowers and many other plants. This place is very popular for camping, but there are some mini hotels and private houses for rent too.

Welcome and enjoy the vacation in southern Ukraine!