Top reasons to visit Ukraine

Ukraine is a big and beautiful country, which wins the hearts with its indescribable landscapes, diverse nature and meaningful architecture. It had become popular for tourists not so long ago, but it is trending up from year to year. Here are the top reasons to visit Ukraine:

  • Diversity of Ukrainian cities. Every city of Ukraine has its own exceptional beauty, you can find some exciting places and sights even in the smallest ones. You can visit sunny Odesa near the Black Sea with its unique local color, walk along the old and narrow streets of Lvov with the most delicious coffee, spend an unforgettable time in Kharkov with its numerous green parks and magnificent attractions, be surprised with varied nature of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian national cuisine. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is borsch, no one can remain indifferent to this Ukrainian dish, but it’s only a small part of incredibly tasty national food. A multiplicity of the restaurants is a good reason to visit Ukraine.
  • A wealth of customs and traditions. You can hardly find so many holidays in any other country. You will see the most interesting traditions if you visit Ukraine at Christmas. It is believed that it is the most mysterious day of the year and the miracles can happen at this night.
  • Unbelievable nature. It is difficult to describe the beauty of Ukrainian landscapes. Boundless fields, deep rivers, amazing lakes, and magnificent mountains are impressive. It will be a great idea to rent the car and drive across the country for the unforgettable emotions.
  • Affordable prices. Ukraine is considered to be the cheapest country in Europe. You won’t spend a lot of money there, but at the same time, you will be surprised by the high quality of services. Visit Ukraine means to get more than spending.
  • Open and friendly people. Exploring a new country is connected tightly with meeting new people. A distinctive feature of Ukrainians is being friendly. Besides, the majority of young people in big cities speak English easily, so you can always ask for help. And don’t be afraid to get the refuse, it is impossible.
  • Variety of monuments and great architecture. There are many attractions and sights in Ukraine which are included in UNESCO World Heritage List. The most popular among them are Saint-Sophia Cathedral and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in Kiev and The Ensemble of the Historic Centre in Lvov. Also, you shouldn’t forget to look at the most majestic monument of Ukraine – the Motherland in Kiev, if you visit Ukraine. It belongs to the highest monuments in the world.
  • It will be hard to choose the place to stay in Ukraine because of the variability of suggestions. Every city has a lot of different hotels, apartments or hostels for rent. Low-cost hotels or luxury five-star hotels– you can choose any according to your taste and budget.
  • Exciting active rest. Visiting Ukraine is a great idea for the lovers of an active way of life. Carpathian mountains are not only charming scenery but also a hundred of opportunities for active rest. Skateboarding, skiing, climbing, rafting, biking, hiking – everything is at your disposal depending on the season.
  • Beautiful ladies. Every country has some associations – Japan with electronics, Egypt with pyramids, Switzerland with cheese and Ukraine is always associated with beautiful ladies. It is an indisputable fact that Ukrainian ladies are considered to be the most beautiful in Europe.

If you visit Ukraine once you will always have the wish to return to this magic country of delicious food and beautiful ladies. Welcome to Ukraine!