Traditional Ukrainian Christmas dishes

Christmas is one of the main Ukrainian holidays. It is celebrated on the 6th of January after rising of the first star. This holiday is so loved by Ukrainians because it has some indescribable magic and it is surrounded by different legends, traditions and customs. Even dinner table is served in a special way and supposes to have the 12 dishes on it.

In this article we will tell you about the traditional Ukrainian Christmas dishes

  1. Kutia is definitely the main Ukrainian Christmas dish. Sviata Vecheria (or Holy Dinner) begins with Kutia, every member of the family should try at least one spoon of it. Kutia is a sweet porridge which is cooked of wheat, barley or rice. It is added by dry fruit, raisins, nuts and poppy. The mandatory ingredient is honey.Картинки по запросу кутя
  2. Uzvar is a traditional Ukrainian drink. As Kutia is believed to be the hostess of the holiday, Uzvar is its host. Uzvar is the compote made of dry fruit. To serve the perfect Uzvar for Sviata Vecheria, it should be ready in the morning and then brew for several hours.
  3. Pirozhki. It is an obligated Ukrainian Christmas dish too. The pirozhki always have fillings. Filling can be sweet (some berries) or it can be with meat, cabbage or potatoes.
  4. Holodec is a very surprising Ukrainian Christmas dish for foreigners. It is the frozen soup with meat and looks like jelly decorated with boiled carrot.Картинки по запросу Holodec
  5. Golubcy (or cabbage rolls). The main ingredients of this Ukrainian Christmas dish are cabbage, meat and rice. You should cook mince of meat and add rice to it. Then this mince should be rolled up in the cabbage leaf.
  6. Vinegret is a popular and delicious salad. It is cooked only of vegetables (potatoes, beet, carrots, cucumbers, onion and cabbage). That’s why it is the excellent Ukrainian dish for people who are on a fast.
  7. Vareniki is one of the tastiest Ukrainian Christmas dishes. They can be both sweet and pickled. They look like dumplings, but their size can be bigger.
  8. Dressed herring is another popular salad. The ingredients of this salad are laid out one after one in such order: potatoes, herring, onion, carrot, eggs and beet. Every layer is greased with mayonnaise.
  9. Baked meat can be varied according to the tastes. It can be chicken, pork or veal. Every family chooses the most favorite recipe of this Ukrainian Christmas dish.
  10. Baked or boiled potatoes are the most popular garnish for Ukrainians. One of the most favorite variants is mashed potatoes.
  11. Fish. There isn’t any particular recipe of it too. You can bake or fry your favorite dish.
  12. Kalach is white wheat bread with a shape of ring. It should be baked at home following the traditions.

They were the recipes of the most popular Ukrainian Christmas dishes. But it doesn’t mean that every family has the same dishes on their holiday dinner. Everyone chooses the most favorite and the most delicious dishes for them. All holiday tables have only one general feature – they are rich of different food. And of course there is Kutia in the middle of a table. If you come to Ukraine at Christmas, you shouldn’t forget to try it. It will bring happiness and good luck into your life!