Best time to visit the Ukrainian Carpathians

The Ukrainian Carpathians doesn’t need some special introduction. They are a real pearl of Ukraine and its main attraction. Primary forests full of freshness, majestic mountains and clean air, which you can hardly fully enjoy. Thousands of Ukrainians and foreign tourists visit the Carpathian Mountains during the whole year.

Because every season is magnificent and you can definitely find what to do there regardless of part of the year

Rest in the Ukrainian Carpathians can be different; everything depends on your preferences, wishes and opportunities. Extreme lovers can have such kinds of activities as rafting, tubing, climbing the highest points of the mountains and, of course, skiing or skateboarding in wintertime. There are countless number of well-equipped places for active tourists. Ones who prefer lazier and calmer rest won’t be boring in the Ukrainian Carpathians too. There is a wide range of different excursion tours of interesting Carpathian places and hiking the picturesque Carpathian Mountains. Besides, there are a lot of health resort and medical rehabilitation centers, which are more popular in warmer seasons.

If you decide to come to the Ukrainian Carpathians in summertime, a great idea will be to visit one of its numerous balneal resorts.

It is an excellent way to have a relaxing measured rest and make your health stronger. You will be surprised by quantity of unique sanatoriums with full range of services and qualified medical support. During such kind of rest, you will get the energy for the whole year. The most popular sanatoriums of the Ukrainian Carpathians are Truskavets, Schodnitsa, Morschin, Svalyava, Shayan.

One more idea for Carpathians in warm seasons is attending excursions. You won’t be boring with the monotony, because they are diverse and very interesting. There are excursions, which can last for several days and cover many beautiful and picturesque places. Especially you should pay your attention to natural attractions. Among must-visited places are: an amazing high mountain lake Sinevir, salt lakes Kunigunda and Nesamovyte, an incredible daffodils valley, different national natural parks, large number of breathtaking waterfalls.

In addition, there are a lot of ancient castles and monasteries in the Ukrainian Carpathians. There is nothing to compare to their magnificent atmosphere. The intriguing spirit of antiquity, history, pacification and harmony hovers over these places making people think about a sense of life and the transience of time and being.

Varied restaurants, museum-restaurants, restaurants of the national cuisine, famous Ukrainian markets are interesting for tourists too. They dip into indigenous and colorful atmosphere of the past.

Almost everyone knows that the highest point of Ukraine is Hoverla Mountain, so to see it is undoubtedly the activity, which you should definitely do while visiting the Ukrainian Carpathians. Alternatively, perhaps climb it and enjoy yourself with indescribable views on the top. It is the perfect activity for lovers of hiking or camping.

If you are an active tourist, you can attend mountaineering school in which you can climb the highest points of the Carpathian Mountains with a group. You can try rafting and paddle down Chornyj (Black) Cheremosh, one of the most fast-flowing Ukrainian river. It is a good way to get many bright emotions.

Another exciting Carpathian activity is biking. There is a wide range of rental places. Besides, many holiday bases have their own bike rental. While riding on bikes you will have an absolute opportunity to explore nature of the mountains.

Welcome to Ukraine and visit the Ukrainian Carpathians, resort with the generous spirit, unchanging Ukrainian traditions and very hospitable in every season!