How do Ukrainians celebrate International Women’s day?

International Women’s day is the holiday of beauty, tender, and love. This holiday is so soulful because it is devoted to the women and it is celebrated on the 8th of March. This date is quite symbolic, it is not only the holiday but the beginning of spring…the beginning of new life.

There are several points of view on how the International Women’s day has appeared. In 1910 the second International Conference of working women was held in Copenhagen. The leader of the women’s group of German social democratic party Clara Cetkin initiated the idea of celebrating International Women’s Day. She suggested celebrating it on the same day around the whole world. The goal of this holiday was the women’s struggle for their rights.

According to another point of view International Women’s day goes back to the 8th of March 1857, when the textile women workers from New York had organized the demonstration because they were tired of inequality and exhausting working conditions. Of course, the demonstration was dispersed very quickly but it made some noise. And this day had become known as Women’s Day.

International Women’s day has got official status in 1975.

In some countries, it is the official day off and Ukraine is among these countries.

Fortunately, over the years International Women’s day has lost its political sense. And it turned from the day of the women’s struggle for their rights and emancipation to the holiday of spring, love and eternal femininity. It is one more opportunity to please beloved women with attention, gifts, and flowers. It is a great opportunity to make them happier.

As a rule International Women’s day is celebrated with family, friends and closed people.

The obligated gift of the holiday is the bouquet of flowers, specifically tulips. Men should have time to congratulate their close women – wives, mums, grandmas, sisters, daughters. Normally women have a real rest on this day, all chores are done by male members of the family. The perfect morning for Ukrainian women on the 8th of March is to wake up from the smell of fresh coffee made by her beloved man, to feel his tender kiss and to see beautiful flowers in the room.

Women should be surrounded by attention, compliments or just pleasant words on International Women’s day. Ukrainian boys know about the importance of this holiday from their childhood, that’s why they congratulate and give small gifts to their classmates and teachers.

International Women’s day doesn’t have any particular traditions of celebrating. The most popular variant is dinner in the restaurant with candles and champagne. Young ladies sometimes prefer to spend this evening with friends in some clubs. Besides, every public place has entertainment programs, shows or special parties devoted to the holiday. The main rule is to satisfy your woman and organize the perfect holiday for her. If she wants to spend the evening only with you – invite her for the date, if she wants to have fun in a big company – go out with friends or organize a home party or if she wants to spend the evening with her girlfriends – let her have the ladies night! By the way in Portugal women never celebrate the International Women’s day with men and it is the day of girls’ parties there.

International Women’s day is very special for Ukrainian women. If you decide to spend this day in Ukraine, you shouldn’t forget to congratulate every lady whom you meet. No matter if she is your second half or shopkeeper. Just say a few pleasant words, because every woman should know how beautiful she is.

Welcome to Ukraine and celebrate International Women’s day with gorgeous Ukrainian ladies!