Welcome to romantic Kharkov

There are a lot of variants how to spend an unforgettable time with your second half in romantic Kharkov. You can create the perfect date by yourself, it depends on your wishes and preferences. Of course you can use the classical variant and spend the evening with your soul mate in some restaurant. Or you can make your together time not only romantic but interesting.

Welcome to romantic Kharkov

1. The date on the roof. What can be more romantic than the date under the stars? There are a lot of agencies which will organize the special one for you. There are various variants of such dates. It can be open area or the roofs of simple residential houses. The agency will organize the romantic dinner with candles and champagne. Also you can ask for such additional details as live music and rose petals. You can even have the professional photo shoot to remember these happy moments forever. The only disadvantage of this variant is the dependence on the seasons.

2. Going to the cinema. It’s very common variant of the date. But make unusual from usual thing. There is such cinema in romantic Kharkov as “Palladium Cinema”. You can reserve the VIP hall only for two of you. Just choose some romantic movie, order two delicious cocktails and enjoy your together time with your beloved person in private atmosphere.

3. It is so great to make something together. Such activities always make people closer to each other. So it’s a good idea to visit some master class, for example in “Candy Manufactory”. There you can make candies from the natural caramel. It’s an opportunity not only to spend an amazing time with your soul mate, but to make the romantic hand made gifts for each other.

4. Horse riding will be an interesting variant for the date with your second half. You can’t remain indifferent to such walk. You can feel yourself as a real brave knight when you will help your beloved lady to ride the horse. In romantic Kharkov there is a horse club “Mon Ami”, where you can not only ride the horses, but have a romantic photo shoot or even give your best half a special unforgettable show.  

5. The sea is always associated with something magic and romantic. Kharkov is situated far away from the sea, but we have a piece of it just in the heart of the city. The doors of dolphinarium “Nemo” are always opened for you. There you can see the beautiful show of such wonderful sea creatures as dolphins and white whales. And also there is an opportunity to swim with the dolphins. You and your second half won’t forget such date.

6. Srtelka Square is one of the most popular places in romantic Kharkov. It is a picturesque promenade at the confluence of two rivers Lopan and Kharkov. You can have a nice afternoon walk there with a cup of coffee and in the arms of your soul mate. The famous Strelka Bridge is situated at this square, it is called the Lovers’ Bridge in the people. There you can see a lot of locks, they are the symbols of eternal love. The couples usually write their names on these locks, hang them and promise to love each other forever. Especially this bridge is incredible at night, hundreds of lights make it unbelievable!

There is love in the air of this magic city! And even the monument of the victory The Mirror Stream is the symbol of love too. It was the gift of one of the main persons of the city Churaev to his beloved woman just after the Second World War. Romantic Kharkov is the place where you will want to fall in love!